Bill Baker

Now that you have put a deadline on getting pictures and information to you it is time I update you on myself.  So here it is!


After graduation from SHS I left Sarasota to attend Deep Springs College, in Northern California near Bishop.  Deep Springs is a small college with a very good reputation and each student that is invited to attend has a full scholarship for tuition and housing for two years.  It is located in a high desert valley and the college is on a working ranch and farm.  The students work on the ranch and attend class.  We had 15 students when I was there from 1959 to 1961.  The student population today is around 20.  The college has been in existence since 1917.  I was please to have the opportunity to attend Deep Springs, it is a unique college.


After Deep Springs I transferred to Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California which is 40 miles east of Los Angeles.  I graduated from Claremont in 1963 with a B.A. degree in government and moved to Los Angeles to work for the IBM Corporation before attending law school.  The Vietnam war forced me to join the Coast Guard for two years after which I went back to IBM to work in data processing sales.  I continue to work for IBM for 10 years and never went to law school.  Working for IBM in the 1960's was a great opportunity because we were on the front edge of the technology wave.  That lead to opportunities in IBM sales management, and I became a marketing manager in the Twin Cities, and then a branch manager in San Francisco.  Then in 1972 IBM was forced to sell our division to Control Data to settle a anti-trust case.  I continued to work for Control Data for the next 20 years in various executive management positions, with as president of Control Data companies in St. Louis and Philadelphia. 


I met my wife Margo at IBM and were married in 1965.  Next year we will be celebrating our 45th anniversary.  We had two sons, Christian and Devin, and they have given us three wonderful grandchildren, two boys (6 and 2 yrs.) and one girl (3 yrs).


In 1995 Margo and I decided to start our own business and relocated from the Philadelphia area back to California to near our two sons and their families. We settled on the Monterey Peninsula and later moved in-land 30 miles to Hollister be out of the fog.  We started Baker & Associates in 1995, a company providing technology services to law firms and corporate legal departments.  That business has grown over the last 14 years and we are please to count over 300 law firms as clients.  We focus on the legal market in the Western states and British Columbia providing software and networking services with offices in Hollister, Sacramento, Fresno, and Portland.  So, I continue to work and enjoy the challenges that technology brings to my life each day.


I enjoy playing golf, I do some fly fishing, and Margo and I continue traveling the world taking cruises every two years.  We also continue to visit my sisters and brother who continue to live in Sarasota.


I am looking forward to the reunion in October, and to visiting with old classmates and renewing friendships.  See you then. 


Attached are some photos you can use for the movie. 


Bill Baker

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Bill and son Bob                                                Cape Hope

Cape Hope                                                         Bill and Margo

Pompeii                                                                 Sicily