Joyce Burkhart Waltz
Date: July 30, 2009 10:38:11 PM EDT

Hi John,


Shortly after graduation I went to an airline school in California and was hired by Eastern Airlines in Miami.  I continued to work for Eastern for 8 years, moving after 6 months to New York City and then to Chicago in 1964.  I traveled every chance I had and was fortunate to visit many countries in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico as well as different areas of the US.  I was intrigued by the computers at Eastern and decided to go back to school to learn how to program them.  After completion of my classes I was hired by SCM Corp.  In less than a year the division I worked for was merged with Control Data Corp, a manufacturer of computer equipment, mostly super computers.  All the people acquired from SCM were trained on a new technology that CDC was selling in the optical character recognition field.  As a Marketing Applications Analyst I demonstrated to potential customers how those systems could be used by their company.  I also was technical support for several large accounts, one of which was Sears.  In 1970 I went to work for Sears, National Data Processing Dept., responsible for software support, installation and training of in-house programmers, for the Control Data Systems.  I loved the job as I traveled to all the Sears computer centers and spent a lot of time in Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Kansas City and the Washington DC area as well as Chicago.


I met my husband, Richard Waltz, while at Control Data.  We were married in 1969 and will celebrate our 40th this August.  During Dick's 27 year career as a customer engineer and engineer-in-charge with Control Data we were transferred from Chicago to West Lafayette, IN (Purdue University) for 5 years, Indianapolis for 5 years (1980-85) and then back to West Lafayette till 1994.  We also spent a lot of time living in Minneapolis while Dick attended new computer classes.  With Dick working on the Purdue University campus many years and living only a couple blocks from Mackey Arena and Ross-Ade Stadium, needless to say we are Purdue Boilermaker Fans.


We have one daughter, Marla, who graduated from Purdue with a degree in Consumer and Family Sciences.  She also has a master's in school administration and works for the Lee County school system in Ft. Myers, Fl.  Marla married a fellow Purdue graduate and has two daughters 10 and 5, which are the "light of our life".  After graduation she interviewed with SHS but they were so late in calling her back with a job offer, she had already accepted a position with Charlotte High in Punta Gorda, Fl.


In 1994 we moved to Fort Myers where we both worked for Sony for a few years until we retired from full employment in 98.  After visiting friends in Central Florida we moved to a very active retirement community in Clermont, Fl (near Orlando) in 2001.  I stay active with neighborhood committee assignments, gourmet cooking and sewing.  Cooking and sewing are my arts.  Dick and I belonged to gourmet groups in each city that we moved to.  Also as time permits, I design and sew heirloom baptismal dresses, as well as, other types of sewing that are my expression of art.  Dick and I love to travel and enjoy visiting all the friends we've made and maintained in our moves over the last 50 years. 


As I was going thru pictures to send I ran across the one of me at SCM.  Boy have we come a long way in technology.  That paper tape that I am inserting in a tape reader is the program for that machine.  Some of the first computers I worked on had only 4K of memory and when it increased to 16K on the next system I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  I remember the complete awe when Sears acquired an IBM360 with 48K of memory.  That system ran 24/7.


Can't wait to see everyone in October.