April 20, 2009 5:38:06 PM EDT
Hi Guys,


Thanks to my dear long lost Sarasota High pal, (renowned natural life photographer) Jane Curie, I'm back in touch after all these years. And I wouldn't miss Sarasota High's 50th Reunion for the world.


My life's been pretty much an open book since my memoir, Spangles, Elephants, Violets & Me: The Circus Inside Out was published Sept. 2007 ( The work is scheduled to be re-launched under the same title (only w/new front and back cover and a list of new entries) within the next few weeks. From what I gather, mid-May 2009. 


I've since wondered how I ever got the nerve to spill the naked truth of it all: the best and the worst of times, including the most unforgiving, and the most embarrassing moments of my youth. Oh my, what was I thinking? Oops, too late now! Unlike the usual crop of memoirs on the market, Spangles (which is selling worldwide) reads like a novel and has a centerfold section of 50 pages of rare circus photos. I'm proud to say that the newly formed Federation Mondiale du Circus (under the patronage of H. S. H. Princess Stephanie of Monaco) selected Spangles as one of the few choice circusbooks offered for the Federation's first silent auction, held in Monaco, Feb. 2009. 


Looking forward to seeing you all once again in Sarasota, June 2009. Martha Cox, please get in touch wherever you are. I remember you as being one of the dearest people on the planet, a very special person indeed. 


All the best,


(Victoria B. Cristiani Rossi)
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