Ralph Hambrick

After the good years at SHS, I headed off to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. That first winter was tough with just my Sarasota High letter jacket and a sweater or two. But I did invest in some Yankee clothing by the second year. There was some adjustment to coursework as well. Somehow, classes there were a little harder than at SHS. But I survived.


I joined the Peace Corps in 1962 – spent two really interesting years in Nepal. Thatched roof, mud floor, no running water, and an outhouse, but the views and the weather (never below freezing or above 90 degrees), and a bushel of tangerines for the rupee equivalent of  a quarter added up to good compensation for any hardships.


After Nepal and finishing at Dartmouth I went to Syracuse University for graduate school – got a Ph.D. in Political Science. Then I taught at Texas A&M University (6 years), University of South Carolina (1 year), and VirginiaCommonwealth University (27 years).


Somewhere in there I got married, divorced, remarried and have had a blended family the last 35 years. Two of mine and two of hers – all great kids; and now 5 grandchildren.


Whitewater boating has been my main leisure activity – I’ve been a canoe instructor and raft guide as well as just enjoyed time on a variety of rivers in a kayak, canoe, or raft. I try to get in an occasional snow ski trip as well.


Since retirement in 2005 we have split our time between Richmond, VA and Hilltop Lakes, TX.  Our place in Richmond is on the James River, and we are on a golf course in Texas. Great fun in both places.  Linda and I both took up golf after retirement, so we now experience the alternating frustration and exhilaration that game brings.


I’m really looking forward to the get-together in October.