Mary Howe Marshall

I’m looking forward to our 50th reunion—have not been to any before.  After I left Sarasota High I attended FSU and majored in biology; then to Grady Hospital School of Medical Technology in Atlanta.  (Med techs work in the lab testing any of our precious body fluids imaginable). 


My husband, Orville (Skip) Marshall, and I met in the “Twentys-Thirtys”, a singles group in the Unitarian Church.  (Don’t knock it—our one night stand has lasted 38 years).


My first child, Wendy came to me with Skip.  He had custody of her, so I raised  her from when she was four years old.  Instant family!  My son, Martin came along two years later.  He was named for the King because at the time Skip was producing a radio program “Martin Luther King Speaks.”


We have another son Robin, now 29 years old, who lives in a group home in Stone Mountain near Atlanta.  He is mentally challenged and deaf, possible autistic; but has a certain charm about him that endears him to the hearts of whoever is with him at the moment.  (He will get my purse and shove it in my hands because that is what I grab when we are going for a ride, and he loves to ride!)


Having Robin led me to other areas of life, such as lobbying at the state legislature to “Unlock the Waiting List” and for better care and opportunities for the disabled.  I learned a lot from the experience of raising Robin, but, yes, there were moments when I really would rather have had to learn French.


All in all, life has been pretty good to us.  We now have five grandchildren between Martin and Wendy, and the families live in the Atlanta area.


We decided some time back to get into real estate, but we kept our day jobs.  Skip is a contract radio engineer and I still work in the lab at Grady, keeping us in health insurance.  With real estate in the slump we don’t sell anything now, but we are landlords!  This third job has its ups and downs as you may have guessed.  (“I can’t pay the rent this month because my son is in jail”).


We still find time to hike in the North Georgia Mountains.  Our favorite places to visit in the Atlanta area are Sweetwater Creek and Arabia Mountain.  We enjoy canoeing in the Okefenokee Swamp and visiting relatives in Florida.


See you in October!


Mary Howe Marshall