Stan Huguenin

Once a Sailor, always a Sailor – in spite of not spending last three years with Class of ‘59. (Going from first-through-ninth grades with so many ‘59ers should count for something. Plus I always thought Riverview and its kilts were pathetic.)

My ninth grade activities at Sarasota Junior High – cutting Mrs. Antrim’s Latin class and forging parental permission slips, riding around on back of Jon Joyce’s Cushman, finding trouble with Charlie Newman et al, getting "D" in Knepper’s shop class, and dropping out of Mr. Banks’ orchestral group without notice – brought to a head parents’ concerns for my "educational future." Thus my three years at Castle Heights Military Academy in Tennessee.

I graduated from Manatee Community College, earned two degrees at the University of Florida and later did some grad work at the University of South Carolina. My professional career included newspaper reporter/columnist, communications and/or marketing director for electric utilities (more than 30 years) and a regional medical center. My last post was director of communications for the UF College of Law.

My marriage to a Manatee High ‘Cane and MCC cheerleader, Pat Alley, is now in its 48th year (though I don’t discuss ‘Canes / SHS football) and our pride and joys are son Mike (journalist), daughters Christy and Darcy (both teachers) and five grandchildren.

It will be great to renew friendships at the 50th celebration, and an honor to once again – even if for only a weekend – be a Sailor. Thankfully I’ve maintained extremely close relationships for more than 50 years with Bill Witte and Chip Anderson – and until he died, Jon Peters – and love them as brothers.


Chip Anderson's info:


Chip (+ Marilyn) Anderson
1224 South Hiawassee Road
Orlando FL 32835
residence: 407.578.8380
as you will recall, he was editor of The Sarasotan (wrote famous editorial suggesting SHS change school colors from Halloween orange and black), on the golf team, helped promote Sailor Circus, worked on yearbook, etc.; went to UF on golf scholarship. Sales and Marketing Executive (among other jobs) with Arvida in Boca Raton,
Longboat Key and Sarasota.


Stan (+ Pat) Huguenin
110 Little Orange Lake Drive
Hawthorne FL 32640
went to Sarasota schools 1-9th grade, then to Castle Heights Military Academy (Tennessee) for 10-12.
graduated from UF in '64; have stayed close with Chip and Bill Witte; also Jon Peters until his death 2 years ago
claim to fame: tackled John Feight in Sarasota Jr High intra-squad football game (Heimbuch, Davis and science teacher were coaches)