Date: April 19, 2009 4:13:49 PM EDT

See you at the reunion.




Been reading the E-Mails and thought I'd put my nickle in the juke box.
After graduation I joined the Navy wanting to train as an aircraft mechanic, but the navy in all its wisdom decided that I go to the Caribbean for a sun & fun cruise to help enforce the quarantine of Cuba. Next Next I went to Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, N.C. Where I was given my own little boat to help rescue downed pilots. A nasty, nasty job.


Finally I was sent to training school, not for aircraft mechanic, but for photo interpretation . Which I did for the next 16 years. First as photographic support for USS Submarine Scorpion, then for support of carrier forces and naval gunfire during June of 1972. Later I was with the Air Force Electronic Warfare  Center Threat System Division. I retired in 1979 and moved back to Sarasota.


In the mean time I got married in 1962 and produced two little row boats. A boy, Allen who is working on his masters degree in Computer Science and a girl Wendy who married a pilot for a subsidiary of Delta. Which in turn makes me a grandpa of four, three girls and a boy.



I spent the next 13 years with the White Sox and now am officially retired and enjoying sunny Sarasota. I divorced in 92 and am presently married for the last 10 year to a lovely lady named Sue. We are looking forward to the reunion.


  Al Jantzen then                                    Al Jantzen now