Susi Kinner Burley Reckson Sax

50 years. I can only remember the good times and there have been many. After leaving Sarasota went to Miami. Stayed in Miami 32 years. During that time I had 1 daughter Kimberly. She has given me 2 wonderful    grandchildren.  Worked in the medical field about 18 years. After that I went back to school got my art degree and have been doing art ever since. Was married for a short time and then single. Richard and I were married about 11 years and then single for a long time. Met Sid and stayed married for 20 years. He went to heaven this past May. It was a  sad loss and now I am a widow. 

During these years I sailed to Greece for eight months. Working as a chef on a 72 ft ketch. What an experience. Traveled to Africa and  Hawaii and many trips to the Bahamas. Sid and I painted for the cruise lines. Wall art.

Currently I live on Amelia Island in the historic city of Fernandina Beach. It a quaint old village. Have a nostalgic candy store that is holding on in this economy and I am running Sid's art gallery-gift that is barely holding on.

Still doing my art and will continue. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you. Bringing a friend along.  Ellen is a widow a bit longer than me and has been a big help.

Lets dance. Susi Sax