Wendy and John Leonard

Date: July 31, 2009 4:26:10 PM EDT

Here are a few photos and a brief synopsis of our lives since we were all together at SHS.
John and Wendy’s romance began with the Valentine’s Dance of our SHS senior year and through many precious times, stumbles and bumps, remains till this day.
We married during college and moved to Nashville for John to attend medical school, where, after a little time elsewhere, we live still, on a secluded hill in middle Tennessee.  Our four children and five grandchildren are also in the area.
John’s time has been spent primarily as a clinician-teacher on the faculty of Vanderbilt’s medical school, sparing some time for family, basketball courts and fishing streams.
Wendy raised the family and took up a dormant art career at the age of forty.  She paints whatever is around and has lately been involved in writing and illustrating stories.
Since reconnecting with Bill and Diane Witte at our twentieth reunion, the four of us have enjoyed sharing our faith and many trips to Europe together.  

See you soon.
Wendy and John Leonard