"Dave & Vicki Livingston" <Dunworkin2@iwon.com>
Date: August 30, 2009 6:47:49 PM EDT

John –


Vicki and I have been traveling a lot, sorry for the delay.



Being one of the fortunate members of the class of ‘59 I remember our travels from Kindergarten, to Southside Elementary, Sarasota Jr. High and then SHS. Many of us have been classmates since Kindergarten and many great friendships and stories have developed over the years.


After graduation, I joined the navy and then entered law enforcement with Lake Worth Police Department and later with the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department. In 1971, after my first and only blind date, I married Vicki who grew up on Long Island. Thirty-eight years later we are still happily married! Vicki and I built and ran Sugar & Spice Nursery and Kindergarten in Sarasota. In 1995 we moved to Greenville, SC where we placed our children in Bob Jones High School and University.


We have three daughters.  The oldest, Cathy, is married and living in Virginia and has her masters in Recreation Therapy. Cynthia and her husband live in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She has her law degree and practices Real Estate and Homeowners Association law in both North & South Carolina. She and her husband Andy Jones gave us our first granddaughter, Caroline, on July 9, 2009. Our third daughter Christina still lives and works in South Carolina.


A few years ago I retired from the Highway Patrol in South Carolina. Vicki currently works for The Joint Commission as a laboratory field representative. Her position has allowed us to travel into 47 different states and over 600 different cities in the US, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We currently live in Saint James City, FL.


We are both really looking forward to seeing everyone in October.