Sue Maxwell Maxwell
John- I have a new email system, so I was having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to do this, as I wasn't going to at first because I have daily computer problems. I only was in highschool for two years; I know I have at least one photo of Wendy and me on bikes, but we have 1000's of photos in our house and have no idea where that one is, so I just decided to send some silly or fun photos. One is of me in front of the Washington DC Temple where we were married; we had a Scottish reception after that, so there is a family photo; in the rosebush photo I am dressed up as Eliza Doolittle-"all I want is a room somewhere"- I was collecting quarters for my research trip to NYC; there is one from a few years ago that was a surprise party I gave for John; in one I am in front of a pyramid in Egypt, as I couldn't find the one of me sitting on a camel- hope you can crop that one. One has my step grandchildren before they were all married, and one is appropriate for our country now and it is cute- it is my Japanese friend who visits me alot- Shijuko Takami, in front of that man on the moon with the American Flag- God bless America- we need Him like never before. Use what you want. If I ever have to organize them all of our photos I will go out of my mind. Sue Maxwell Maxwell

From Sue Maxwell--


John- here is my contribution- Sue Maxwell Maxwell

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about everyone from our class. I was also
there for only two years, and arrived from a small town in Connecticut, that
was a bedroom community for New York City. I think Sarasota was a bit of
cultural shock for a died in the wool it was a very
difficult time in my life. But nevertheless, I made it through Florida,
graduating from the University of Florida in Occupational Therapy. All I
could think about was raising twelve children and baking bread as I worked
for twelve years in Oregon, North Carolina, Florida( one year) and Maryland.
There I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and six
months later met my spouse at a genealogy conference on April Fools Day. He
sat next to me, noticed that we had the same last name, and that started the
whole shenanigans! I didn't even get to change my name- and April Fool's
joke for sure. 

After living in Potomac, Maryland for three years, John received an offer to
work for International Telephone and Telegraph in Belgium; after several
months of hesitation we decided to do it- we were there for five years and
in Japan for four years. It was an absolutely incredible time as we lived
with the natives and developed many friendships, had wonderful opportunities
spliced with a number of humorous events. Every country in the world has
their own ways to do things and you never suspect what that will be. Some of
my Japanese friends visit me over here occasionally. 

I have always love to learn and do just about anything, so my house if full
of projects, a piano, an organ, painting equipment, fabric, wool, and looks
like a library after an earthquake. My genealogy room gives me about enough
space squeeze into my seat after ten years of research. I am co-authoring a
book, with the head of the ballet department at Brigham Young University, to
write a book about my grandmother, who was the first American girl to be the
première danseuse at the Metropolitan Opera House and the youngest in the
world- she made her debut just after turning 14. My part is researching her
entire life, and that of her ancestors and putting them in a
historical/cultural context. This book is for the public and there is
already interest in the ballet world. Researching her ancestors has been the
most wonderful and life changing experience of my life, and has been helped
by many miracles that extend far beyond my research skills. Someone found
eight photos of her paternal family on Ebay and tracked me down to send them
to me- those and all I inherited from my fabulous( her favorite word)
grandmother are priceless, although they are very valuable- I feel so
connected to all of them and love all of them so much. To learn one's family
history puts you own life in a larger context and perspective. And my just
got quite a bit bigger when I found her gt. Grandfather's childhood family
in Nantucket. That gave me a 200 page book of Swain relative and three more
generations back into England from the first Swain immigrant- so I went from
1803, when her gg move into NYC, to 1498! Now I really have a huge family! 

While I cannot attend the reunion, and would love to, I send my love to each
of you- I remember that I was very quiet in high school, and under my
picture it said "Let thy words be few and wise." Well no one around here
would ever believe I was a quiet person as I just talk too much now. Take
care and God bless everyone- Sue Maxwell Maxwell