Joe Owen

Since ’59, my chronology starts at the University of Florida for two years, followed by four years in the Navy.  My squadron flew photo reconnaissance flights over Cuba in 1962 and got pictures of the Russian missile sites.  President Kennedy used the intelligence to set up the blockade of Cuba. Those were exciting times. 
I had a 26 year career with Nestle Foods, reaching the position of Region manager of Florida.  Nestle paid for me to finish college, and I earned a degree in Management and Marketing.  Upon retirement in ’94, my wife and I founded Golden Rule Mortgages, Inc.   We entered the market at the perfect time; our business was very successful.  We officially retired in 2007.  Our children took the business and reformed it, now operating as their own entity
Gail and I have 4 children.  Todd and Amy are mortgage lenders.  They own the mortgage company that Gail and I founded.  Kristi is a dental hygienist in Denver, Colorado, and Michael is an Attorney.  We still reside in Florida, and we have a second home in the mountains of North Georgia.  We are looking forward to autumn leaf time in the Smokies and Blue Ridge mountains.
Sandwiched between these years were many challenges, successes, failures, heart-breaks and euphorias.  We have endured and are grateful that God has given us a wonderful family and prosperity exceeding our expectations.  We look forward to seeing old friends at the reunion.  My wife Gail (Wilder) was in the class of ’60, so we will be going to her 50th reunion next year, God willing.