Beverly Prince Moore, Nagle
Date: July 27, 2009 12:53:13 PM EDT

Hi classmates,


This letter is to bring you an update on what I have been doing the past "50" years.
I married our classmate (Jim Moore). He was in the Army and served two tours in Vietnam. The first tour was for 14 months and the second one for 9 months. When he returned we went to Mannheim Germany. We then returned to the United States and Jim served as a tester at the various High Schools for prospective students to serve in the armed forces. We were stationed at Raleigh, NC., Asheville, NC., Beckley, West VA., and then to Fort Hood in Killeen, TX. where he retired in January 1985 after 21years service. I received my degree specializing in Alzheimer's in Asheville, NC. and attended collage here furthering my education and worked as activity coordinator and other work in my capacity as Alzheimer's specialist. It was very interesting and never dull working in Nursing Homes. Jim passed away in 1992 from a massive heart attack. I then returned to Sarasota, FL. and lived with my Mother and helped take care of my father(Dr. E. C. Prince) who had Alzheimer's. Jim and I had a son David who entered the Marine Corps. He retired from the Marines with 20 years service and now resides in Killeen, TX. He works at the Quantico store here that sells sporting goods and guns.


I moved back to Killeen, TX. when I met a wonderful man Robert (Bob) Nagle who also retired from the Army at Fort Hood after 21 years service. We were married September 16, 1995 and are getting ready to celebrate a very happy 14 years together. I am also retired.


I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the reunion but, I will be thinking about all my wonderful classmates.


Have a great 50th. Your classmate, Bev