Marie Sheppard Leggett

Dear John and Classmates,
    First, thank you John, and everyone for all your hard work on this reunion.  I'm looking forward to seeing all.


    In April '59 prior to graduation, I married Eldridge Warren (class of 57).  Eight years and one daughter and one son later, we divorced.  My brother Joe was a Trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol, and blessed me by introducing me to a young Trooper, Ernie Leggett.  We were married in six months.  That was 42 years ago.  We are still "peas in a pod" close.  We had two sons, and raised all four of the children with love and Christian guidance.  Ernie retired from FHP, rank of Major with 35 years service in 2oo1.  His leukemia has gone into remission recently after chemo, thank God.


    I stayed home with the children while they were small.  Then, back to school and became certified to teach 5 year kindergarten.  I taught for 14 years.  We have lived in many places in Florida.  To promote, you must move to the open position.  We've lived in Delray Beach, Sanford, DeLand, Miami, Tallahassee, and Tampa, where Ernie was Major, and Troop Commander of 7 counties until he retired in 2001.


    We built a retirement home, with pool, 13 years ago in south Hillsborough County.  We have four children, nine grandchildren, and three great grandchildren, with another on the way.  We love our church, our family, and friends, and our dogs.  I still sing and Ernie works out in his gym in his barn out back.  We have 2 1/4 acres for Ernie to take care of.  We go on a cruise every year or so.  We have been to Alaska, the Mediterranean, (Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Spain) and we love the Carribean.  We leave Sept. 6th for the Virgin Islands.