Subject: RE: Sarasota Class 59 - David Stromberg



Now I am caught, the pictures are out so guess I might as well confess and offer up a little of my bio.  As some of you know, after H.S., it was on to Manatee Jr. College and then on to FSU where I had planned on being the world’s greatest Lawyer.  In my final semester at FSU (1963) I happen to be at the Student Union when two handsome Naval Aviation Officer recruiters happened by.  They offered me a job flying in A-6 Intruders as a Naval Flight Officer—not tall enough to be a pilot.  I took the job but ended up in P-2V Neptune’s and eventually P-3C aircraft as an Anti-submarine Warfare Tactical Coordinator.  I eventually became a career Naval Officer of 20 years.  I spent much time during the Cold War searching for and tracking Russian submarines throughout the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.  After retirement in 1983 as a Commander, I joined Lockheed Aircraft Company in Burbank, CA and ultimately ended up in Marietta, GA where I retired after another 20 years.  I was then recruited to be the VP of Sales for a small French Company working out of Alpharetta, GA.  I retired a third  and last time from this company in 2005.  I was married the first time in 1965 to a fellow classmate’s (Dan Harvey) sister, Rosemary.  This marriage lasted 12+ years before the divorce.  We created two wonderful boys, one a Naval Reserve Commander and Project Manager of a Defense related contractor; the other, a professor of Art at the Savannah School of Art in Savannah, GA.  I remarried the second time in 1981 and remained so until my wife Jean’s death in 2007.  Today, I am a widower and Guardian of two young children, ages 11 and 13.  Between my exercise programs and being Mom, Pop and Granddad, my life is full.  I exercise because I cannot afford to get toooo old.  My exercise program consists of YMCA Spin Classes, weight and exercise machines, outdoor bicycling and running.  I also ride a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic Motorcycle for fun.


I look forward to being at the Reunion in October.  Dave Stromberg