From: Bonnie Taylor Newson Biorn <>
Date: June 29, 2009 2:14:50 PM EDT
After graduation from Sarasota High, I attended the University of Kentucky.  As a lit major, I had few options after graduation – teaching or becoming a flight attendant were the two that appealed to me the most.  Lit major -what was wrong with those counselors of ours?  I tried teaching, but that wasn’t for me so I went to New York and flew for TWA.  I married in 1969 and moved to California with my husband who was getting his MBA from Stanford.  I had two boys and was a full time mom until my husband died of a brain tumor at age 43.  I went back to the airlines and worked until 1990.  I then changed careers and became a Realtor.  I married in 1992, divorced in 2003 and married the same man again in 2007.  It truly is better the second time around.  We have 3 grandchildren, 2 nearby and one in Bend, Oregon.


My husband and I divide our time between Menlo Park and Pebble Beach.  I still practice real estate and he practices law, but we are both slowing down a bit.  We play golf and travel, walk on the beach and spoil our animals.  All in all, a good life with many good years ahead, I hope!


I am looking forward to seeing everyone in October.