Richard Wilbanks

Date: August 1, 2009 4:42:55 PM EDT

John and all,



Now that I know I am not the only one to lose my 59 year book I am not too embarrassed to admit it.  Somewhere along the way after 50 years, numerous moves, and a couple of marriages it has gone missing.


After graduating from FSU I worked for Sears for 7 years and then Panasonic Co. for 30 more in various sales and management positions. I took an early retirement program 6 years ago, and have lived in the Atlanta area for 38 years.


 I have 5 children, 4 daughters and a son, and 5 grandchildren spread all over the country including one daughter and one grandson in Sarasota. We are fortunate to have a daughter and our son living in Atlanta also. We bought a condo in Sarasota last year and look forward to coming for the reunion.


My wife Karen and I have been privileged to volunteer with John’s foundation for many years and to count John and Linda as great friends. We are also very active in our church which occupies a good amount of our time.


Opportunities to travel all over the world with my job, and with John’s foundation, have given me a greater understanding of other cultures and peoples. That knowledge has led me to a greater love of our own wonderful country.


Two of these pictures are from my daughter Paige’s wedding last year, including one of my son Christopher, and the other two from various trips with the Foundation for Hospital Art.


See you in October.


Richard (Dick) Wilbanks