Bob Williamson

After UF graduation, I went to the University of Chicago for an MBA, then
venturing out to San Francisco to work in finance for Chevron Corp.
It was a rigorous but enjoyable 33 years in many varied positions, with a
chance to see some crummy, and some lovely, parts of the world (but all
interesting). I retired from Chevron in 1998 and soon settled in the
Sonoma County wine country, just north of Santa Rosa CA with my wife of
what will soon be 15 years.
Outside of a short but fascinating assignment in Papua New Guinea, it has
been true retirement; working the property, playing lots of handball,
travelling often, visiting the spread-out family, sailing(as crew) San
Francisco Bay, taking advantage of the local food and wine situation, and
caring for my aging Mother the past several years.
I am blessed with two daughters and four grandchildren, the oldest
(choke) a sophomore at FSU. My younger son lives and works in nearby San
Francisco. I am looking forward to the 50th in Sarasota.
Robert/Bob Williamson