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The Morning After...

You were beautiful... each and everyone.  Our history and desire to love each other unites us in a common bond... a bond that even distance and time can't keep us apart.  We are the 59ers... we are ONE.

We need to stay together as we live our separate lives... we can do this by continuing to share our life experiences... by supporting each other through love and prayer.

It's obvious that we'll have joyous moments, life-threatening challenges and even death in our future.  We can share and care for each other by simply staying connected.  We will stay connected via the Internet through stories, photos and common prayer.  We will not let politics, religion or hatred divide us... we will let love for each other unite us.

One gesture we can do together is to support some activity or group associated with Sarasota High School... our common foundation... our starting point.  I will call the school and come back to you with three choices to consider.  Based on your response I will give you the contact information, and if you decide to support that activity, you will make your donation directly to them.  I will request a summary statement from them that will give us our total donation as a class.  Everyone will not be able to participate...that's okay.  We'll do what we can do.  More on this later.

You will hear from me on a random basis, there will be no rhythm to our communication.  Each of you have the full email contact list, so you're free to communicate when the spirit moves you.  Less is more...it's strange, but true.  We should not over communicate...the shorter our emails and the less frequent will mean more classmates will read them.  So, the long-point of this is...keep them short!!!

Check the class website from time-to-time...photos from the reunion will be posted.  We will try to post all those emails with photos that were flying through cyberspace before the reunion.  So, the beat goes on.

Someone said our theme should be "Stay Alive For Fifty-Five"...sounds too good to me.

Love from Atlanta,


John Feight Roswell, GA